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FBOs and Jet Centers – what are they?

What is a fixed base operator, aka as Jet Centers?

They are called fixed-base operators because the first FBOs were early barnstormers who chose to settle at one field. Fixed-based operators, or FBOs as they are known in the industry, are service centers for jets and other aircraft.

Here is a list of some of the services I have found at both the FBOs and Jet Centers:

(feel free to make a comment on what I might have forgotten or what you remember about your favorite Fbo)

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Private jets what a lifestyle


Private Aviation Charters include: private jets, executive helicopter , and turbo prop aircraft.

Traveling for business and pleasure on private jets that are chartered really offers you supreme convenience. When you browse aircraft for private jet charter and compare private jet charter rates you will really surprised on the prices and the type of jets you find, some of the best are designed to maximize the value of your private travel.

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AOPA – first organization I joined

When I first learned to fly, the first organization I joined was AOPA is the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

Today they offer a program: work your way toward your first solo with these tips and techniques. Today they have a FREE LEARN TO FLY KIT.

For the new airplane owner their web site offers aircraft insurance quotes and important insurance information. For people interested in purchasing an aircraft, joining a flying club or fractional ownership opportunities, AOPA offers a comprehensive partner matching service free of charge.

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Corporate jet sales are on the rise

This years aviation airshow at Avalon, had a great upbeat for the aircraft manufacturers. This year was marked as the largest array of private jet and corporate jets and helicopters ever in attendance in the events history. However the growing surge in private jets is blamed strictly on business consumption.

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Viper Jet – Oh what fun to fly

Flying Some Where? – Avoid the wait and the security checks! – Check out – Ads by Google – above, to the right & left – Buy a Ride on Multi-Million Jets Now, BY THE SEAT!!

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