AOPA – first organization I joined

When I first learned to fly, the first organization I joined was AOPA is the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

Today they offer a program: work your way toward your first solo with these tips and techniques. Today they have a FREE LEARN TO FLY KIT.

For the new airplane owner their web site offers aircraft insurance quotes and important insurance information. For people interested in purchasing an aircraft, joining a flying club or fractional ownership opportunities, AOPA offers a comprehensive partner matching service free of charge.

Just go to the AOPA website and simply add your confidential Partner Profile to the AOPA Partnership Program database and begin searching for potential candidates willing to purchase and share an aircraft. Once the aircraft Share for Sale is listed in the AOPA Aircraft Partnership Program database, the aircraft becomes visible to the thousands of pilots already using the AOPA Aircraft Partnership Program.
This program was not even around back in 1984 when I joined AOPA, so if you want to dramatically reduce the cost of aircraft ownership either as a first-time buyer or an aircraft owner, the AOPA Aircraft Partnership Program provides the tools and services to help aircraft owners and pilots connect. International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations IAOPA .

When it comes to insurance AOPA has a great aviation program referred to as “Learn how Accident Forgiveness” can lower your aircraft insurance premiums. Aircraft Partnerships-Flying Clubs-Aircraft Cooperative-Fractional Aircraft.
We would all own an aircraft and fly more if it cost less. Even aircraft manufacturers, brokers and dealers are leveraging co-ownership opportunities because it is simply the most cost-effective way to own an aircraft.

When it came to pilot supplies, I was so lucky that Sporty’s had all the pilot supplies, today you can buy online, but back in the 80′s we used the catalog available at most fixed based operators.

Between Sporty’s and AOPA, most of you pilot needs for flying and airplane ownership can be found here.

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