Corporate jet sales are on the rise

This years aviation airshow at Avalon, had a great upbeat for the aircraft manufacturers. This year was marked as the largest array of private jet and corporate jets and helicopters ever in attendance in the events history. However the growing surge in private jets is blamed strictly on business consumption.

With an increase of wealth, the super-rich enjoy the convenience and luxury in escaping security lines, airport security checks, arrogant airline staff and of course the very, very inconvenient flight schedules, flight delays and quite intrusive pat downs from the badges.

It is a sure sign that private-jet and corporate jet sales are on the rise, or as some may say “taking off. Check one the hottest ways to fly privately with fractional usage NetJets.

With the purchasing of private-jets it is just another way for the rich to distinguish themselves from everyone else, too! In fact the demand for private jet has the waiting list for aircraft stretching into an additional three to four years.

Since the ultra-rich are anxious to separate themselves from the so-called very rich, the investment in private jet are larger, fly farther, are more equipped and of course expensive and luxurious.



Even down the layout of the aircraft, items that are now considered standard are console tables, microwaves, full size kitchen or galley designed for hot meal preparation, and the gadgets include a tv, scanners, copiers, computers, and lets not forget the game stations and the Bunn brand coffee makers.

Don’t forget about the seating, increased from eight to twelve now and couches made for 3 to sit comfortably.



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