FBOs and Jet Centers – what are they?

What is a fixed base operator, aka as Jet Centers?

They are called fixed-base operators because the first FBOs were early barnstormers who chose to settle at one field. Fixed-based operators, or FBOs as they are known in the industry, are service centers for jets and other aircraft.

Here is a list of some of the services I have found at both the FBOs and Jet Centers:

(feel free to make a comment on what I might have forgotten or what you remember about your favorite Fbo)

  1. Private jet, airplane charters and helicopter charter
  2. Supplying and pumping fuel
  3. Aircraft maintenance and avionics repairs
  4. Aircraft sales
  5. Aircraft rentals with Cessna airplanes and others
  6. Flight lessons, flight schools, flight simulator
  7. Learn to fly classes
  8. Handling, and parking aircraft
  9. Hangar storage
  10. Aircraft detailing
  11. Lounge areas for passengers
  12. Restaurant and shops
  13. Rental cars
  14. Parking lots for passengers and pilots automobiles
  15. Ramp areas parking and aircraft tie downs
  16. Hangars for aircraft storage; and
  17. Maintenance shops for aircraft and avionics
  18. Catering
  19. Putting ice and coffee aboard the airplane
  20. Vacuuming the aircraft
  21. Pay phones, free phone service
  22. Meeting rooms
  23. Sleeping rooms for pilots with showers
  24. Entertainment areas, from swimming pools, putting greens, pool tables, weight benches, saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, private lockers and dressing rooms
  25. Kitchens for the pilots to clean and get the dishes ready for the return flight
  26. Bathrooms stocked with combs, hair spray, cologne, perfume, razors
  27. Reservations for ANYTHING your heart desires from golf, diving, soaring, car races, kentucky derby, daytona on and on.


My top 10 FBOs and Jet Centers

  1. Banyan Air
  2. Banyan Air Video (check this out)
  3. Signature Flight Support
  4. Millionair
  5. Business Jet Centers
  6. Stuart Jet Center
  7. Clay Lacy
  8. Vail Valley Jet Center
  9. Executive Beechcraft
  10. Atlantic Aviation
  11. Stevens Aviation


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